Business Loan Eligibility

As we have very flexible eligibility criteria for the qualifying businessmen. We prefer your all documents are well organized. We see the following factors before approving your business loan:-

  • Your business details like revenue, size, debts, credit reports, ownerships and business history.
  • Collateral play important role in loan repayment guaranteed. You can borrow up to 80% of your property value with certain conditions.
  • Your business financial statements reflect company?s present status in current business. If they signal green then you have bright chances of getting loan approved.
  • Having enough experience in current business, improves the chances of your success.
  • You must have traditional proofs of income before you apply to commercial loan. They reflect your repayment guarantee.
  • Details of your personal and commercial tax return in last two years, and your liquid money assets certainly have positive impact on business loan.

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